HKU Supplier Portal


The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is undergoing a transformational programme to implement an eProcurement System on "Oracle" Cloud solution with the scheduled Go-Live on 1st July, 2022. Implementation of the eProcurement System will include launching of a Supplier Portal for suppliers to manage their company information and HKU's purchase transactions in a central repository. The use of paper-based Purchase Orders will be phased out and replaced by an electronic Purchase Order in pdf file received via the Supplier Portal or a designated email box. Whilst HKU will adopt "ALL" suppliers to use this free-of-charge Supplier Portal by phases, suppliers are highly encouraged to adopt the use of the Supplier Portal as soon as practisable to transact electronically with HKU.

HKU Supplier Portal - Brief Introduction

The Supplier Portal is a secure self-service tool that will enable suppliers to use a standard web browser to access a secure web portal to manage their supplier account with HKU. The Supplier Portal will enable suppliers to manage the following functions in relation to their business transactions with HKU:

  1. Registration of Suppliers Details - Existing suppliers can register their company details with HKU including up-to-date contact details and Business Registration. New suppliers may register themselves as prospective suppliers.
  2. Participate in Sourcing and Tendering exercises hosted by HKU - Suppliers can participate in Request-For-Quotation (RFQ) and Tender exercises initiated by HKU. Suppliers can respond to tender invitations and/or RFQs, and manage their submissions through the Supplier Portal.
  3. Manage Purchase Orders and Supply Contracts issued by HKU - Suppliers can receive Purchase Orders issued by HKU electronically into their Supplier Portal Account. Suppliers can view Purchase Order details and manage the fulfilment of the orders.
  4. Submit invoices and credit memo to HKU - Suppliers can submit invoices online to HKU based on the order lines they have fulfilled. They can view the history and status of all invoices and enter credit memo against fully billed purchase orders.

HKU Supplier Portal - Training Materials

Training materials and related documents could be downloaded after login of HKU Supplier Portal.


If you have any queries in relation to the Supplier Portal, please address your questions to HKU Central Procurement at