eTendering System

HKU eTendering System has been "Go-Live" with effect from July 3, 2023. With the launch of eProcurement System and HKU Supplier Portal since July 1, 2022, implementation of a full-scale eProcurement System has been completed.

HKU Supplier Portal facilitates suppliers to transact with HKU electronically and manage their company information, orders and invoices. Issue of paper-based Purchase Order will be phased out to be replaced by electronic Purchase Order sent to the HKU Supplier Portal Account or the supplier's designated email address.

HKU Suppliers are encouraged to use the HKU Supplier Portal as soon as possible. Please access your Supplier Portal via

HKU Suppliers are required to login to the HKU Supplier Portal to access the supplier training materials.

Enquiry and Support
If you have any questions on how to use the eProcurement System via HKU Supplier Portal, please contact Central Procurement at