Supplier Registration

In order to be considered for inclusion in the Registered Suppliers List of the University of Hong Kong, please complete and return the application form to the following address together with all the required documents, and mark "Application Form for Inclusion in the Registered Suppliers List" on the envelope (incomplete applications and applications without the required documents will not be entertained):

  • Finance and Enterprises Office
  • The University of Hong Kong
  • 1st Floor, Kennedy Town Centre
  • 23 Belcher's Street
  • Kennedy Town
  • Hong Kong

Important Note:

Applications received will be processed by the University. Subject to confirmation of their credentials, those firms that are found acceptable will be included in the Registered Suppliers List of The University of Hong Kong. Their continued inclusions in the list will depend on their demonstrated ability to offer competitive tenders and on their performance in connection with any order(s) or contract(s) which they have been awarded. The University reserves the right to review the status of a firm as a Registered Supplier in the light of any new information that may affect such status.

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